Yoolk: Redefine Yellow Pages and Beyond

In recent years, many online users have discovered the revival of Cambodia Yellow Pages with new design and interface. Advanced search engine, integration with popular social networks, availability via mobile applications are only some of the innovations that can be noticed on a new Cambodia Yellow Pages version. All these improvements were developed by Yoolk team.

Initially, a small Cambodian team was responsible for the development of business directory software in Cambodia. However with extensive development, the team soon realized there was a bigger potential for business prospects. Soon a new startup company was launched under the brand of “Yoolk“.

As for now, Yoolk’s team have exceeded local market and they are expanding their business operations in other countries in the Southeast Asian subregion. Yoolk continues to develop and upgrade their business platform for directory operators around the world.  Currently, Yoolk offers a full-integrated platform that includes online, mobile, and print solutions for companies within directory industry.

We had a unique chance to visit Yoolk office and discuss current state and future plans of the company with an executive manager, Yem Pong. As soon as we had approached the office, we were swept off our feet by open space environment with inviting Scandinavian interior.

yoolk cambodia

As we comfortably sat on plush sofas in glass-walls meeting room, Mr Yem Pong exposed the mission of the company. He explained that the resources they provided allowed their clients to focus only on their business development without having to care about the technology of the tools. The company can provide global systems allowing to deal with advertising, marketing, and developing business in a relevant way.

Still, Mr Yem Pong described that Yoolk had a determination to go beyond directory industry. They are willing to develop of a full-fledged business platform for small and medium enterprises (SME) regardless of their business profiles. The solution would provide SMEs with tools able to help them avoiding additional expenses that are not directly linked to their business operations.

With such intensive development and strong ambitions, Yoolk pay serious attention to their staff competence. Yoolk provide a one-month training program for new team members, leading them into developing the skills required for their future positions. The company particularly focuses on Ruby On Rails technology, and Mr Yem Pong insists on the fact that no existing knowledge of this technology is required, only a programing / tech background, the will to develop technical skills, and the ability to learn fast ! Following this initial training, new team members are assigned to specific tasks in accordance to their skills. So far, the company gathers around 20 team members in Cambodia.

When we ask the company about their hopes for the future, they reply that Yoolk can become “the place where all types of business will come and use relevant tools for their services“.

But Yoolk is also a place to find a job, all the more as they say when they talk about the young generation in Cambodia : “technology is more and more influent amongst the young generation, they use a lot of smartphones for example. So it is inspiring for them to learn more, to work in those fields and to discover new stuff in technology“.

So all the talented, highly motivated, and fast learners in tech are more than welcome to express their interest to the company: jobs@yoolk.com

A special thanks to Darren and the whole Yoolk team for welcoming us in their GREAT office!