Workshops for entrepreneurs and digital nomads in Cambodia

Participants of the Remote Year programme will be organising events for the community at Emerald Hub while continuing their work in EH’s co-working space.

Targeted at potential startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, these workshops cover a plethora of topics that will come in handy to everyone who has startup or entrepreneurial dreams. What’s more, these workshops are specially crafted either by pairs of Remotes or as a stunning one-man-show.

The next workshop as part of this series will be happening on 29th November at Emerald Hub where Jason Yuhas will speak about Customer Relation Management!

So if you’re someone who has an ambition to become an entrepreneur or startup your own startup, don’t miss out on your chance to draw from their wealth of experience and knowledge by looking out for these workshops!

At each event, the Remotes won’t just be teaching you skills, they will be sharing from their personal experience in the entrepreneurial world so you can be assured that the examples are relevant and relatable. Additionally, they will also open up the floor to take your queries and answer your most burning questions.

In terms of the events’ theme, you can expect topics like Project Management, Design Process, Intellectual Property Primer and Customer Relation Management to be covered which means it’ll be a great chance for you to improve on your business competencies.

The Project Management workshop was crafted by Huia Parker and Roscoe Power on 17th November. In two hours, they explained the basics of how to be a Project Manager. Some key points were highlighted such as the importance of communication, the set of expectations concerning the outcome or the way to focus on the right path.

On 22nd November, Christine Lee and Jacri Stubbs took the stage with an interactive Design Process workshop which involved audience participation. They made sure that everyone went home with the certainty that they were a creative person able to face any situation and propose a solution.

At the end of the day, these workshops are all about giving you the keys to become the perfect entrepreneur! They’ll help you be confident and equipped to face any situation.

Emerald Hub is coworking space located on the 11th floor of the PPIU building and Remote Year is a programme where digital nomads are given the opportunity to work remotely for a year while travelling the world. The programme offers participants the possibility of spending each month of the year in a different location to experience 12 different cultures.

If you have missed the first two workshops, don’t fret because it’s not too late to catch Jason Yuhas’ workshop next Tuesday!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at the link below and be on your way to seeing your entrepreneurial dreams come to fruition!

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Listing image creation and article editing by Joseph SOH