WomenVentures Capacity Building Workshops: Calling Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs in Cambodia!

Geeks in Cambodia is thrilled to be working with iCube on an exciting new opportunity for aspiring female entrepreneurs in Cambodia! If you are looking to understand the basics of being an entrepreneur, including learning the skills needed and developing the right mindset, the WomenVentures Capacity Building Workshops are here to help.

Adrienne Ravez, Geeks in Cambodia’s very own co-founder, is delighted to share this project with you, “I believe in solidarity and the idea that women can lift each other up. Through the WomenVentures programme, we aim to share the journeys and experiences we went through as female entrepreneurs, in order to help others develop their potential when it comes to developing both business skills and soft skills.”

The structured programmes will provide a platform for female entrepreneurs to discover their potential in a supportive and safe space. With the guidance and mentoring of industry professionals, participants will understand more about the complexities of market dynamics and how to counter possible challenges they may face while on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Sundas Waheed from iCube also expresses her hopes for the programme, “Girls and women are drivers for development and change, yet we see very little backing for women-owned ventures, especially in emerging and underdeveloped economies.  With WomenVentures we hope to help build the growing but still a small proportion of women entrepreneurs around the globe with intensive, immersive leadership and entrepreneurship programs.”

With the opportunity for further self-discovery, participants can familiarise themselves with their strengths and weaknesses, and how they can be utilised in crucial times once prepared with the knowledge to convert all challenges into opportunities, and competition into partnerships and collaborations.

The first workshop will be held from 2 to 5pm on Saturday, 6 April at the Factory Phnom Penh. The theme would be Intro to Entrepreneurship, tackling areas including the difference between business and entrepreneurship, startups, and looking at the entrepreneurial approach to jobs.

For more information please visit this link, iCube’s website, or email us at: contact@geeksincambodia.com, We would appreciate greatly if you would sign up on this form: https://goo.gl/QTQhXS, for us to have a better idea of how many of you would be joining us. See you there!