What is Geeks In Cambodia?


Geeks In Cambodia is a brand new project, supported by a team of folks madly in love with Tech and Startup ecosystems in Asia !

What is this platform about ?

At Geeks In Cambodia, our aim is to gather tech news from all around the globe and share the passion with our readers in Cambodia.

We also cover startup stories, with a focus on those located in Asia, or on any startup with services that can be relevant for people in Cambodia.

Geeks In Cambodia is also dedicated to highlighting cambodian initiatives focused on tech and startup fields, in order to spread the word about the cambodian tech and startup scene all around the world !

Geeks In Cambodia website will broadcast daily stories in Tech, Startup, Social media, Mobile, Gadgets and Social Good, as well as promoting events in the Tech / Startup fields all around South East Asia.

How does it work ?

You can come around everyday to discover new stories and share the passion with us !

You can take advantage of this project by submitting your Startup / Company / Event, in order to be promoted on our website.

You can also contact us for any kind of partnership or advertising enquiry.

Any question or feedback ? Want to know more ? Want to get involved ?

Drop us a line : contact[at]geeksincambodia.com