Uber Cambodia GM explains his favorite in-app safety features

Uber’s arrival in Cambodia brought a number of new features and services to the country’s ride-hailing market.

Since launching in the United States in 2010, Uber has become a global brand, and Cambodia became the company’s 78th country of operation.

Uber Cambodia’s new General Manager, Pascal Ly, talked with Geeks in Cambodia about the safety features of the app, and what they mean for Cambodians using the app as either drivers or users:

Since launching in September, Uber has sought to educate riders and drivers about the in-app features that make the whole Uber experience a safe and pleasant one.

I always like to tell people about how Uber’s app makes the experience of requesting a ride really convenient and stress-free. Fares are clearly displayed, there is no need to negotiate the price, your car will arrive wherever you are and there is no need to stand out in the dark or pouring rain.

For me, there are three clear areas where Uber’s app really stands out in terms of safety: before, during, and after the ride.

You can arrange your ride from the comfort and security of your house, office, coffee shop or restaurant. No more standing outside in the rain, or in the dark to try to find a ride. Upon being matched with a driver partner, you can also see a picture of your driver’s face, their licence plate information, and their car type so you know you are getting into the right vehicle as well.

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During your ride, you can press the “share status” option, and friends or family can follow you in real time on the map and see exactly where you are. It also gives an estimated time of arrival for your ride, as well as the licence plate information, so it is easier to have someone waiting to meet you at your destination.

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After the ride, you give your driver partner a score out of 5, on how well you thought the service was – from the cleanliness of the car, to their attitude, to how they drove. You can compliment them or also report anything you were less than happy with, and all of this information will be relayed to the Uber team, to ensure the best possible experience. Driver partners will also score you as a passenger, thus helping Uber maintain a high quality community of riders and drivers.

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