Top 5 must-have apps in Cambodia

Do you want to go on an adventure? Are you feeling hungry? Want peace of mind with your money?

Life in Cambodia is moving towards digital space with impressive speed and we have gotten used to constant access to many convenient apps. For those who are too busy sifting through thousands of random titles in the App Store, we hereby present 5 indispensable apps that can help you improve your daily life. Our selected apps are available on Android and App Store and they are free of charge.


Back in the day, Cambodians would wave down buses along the street to get their rides and they might end up in an uncomfortable seat of over-crowded vans. Now, people can book their seats online to travel to any destination in the Kingdom by a bus, taxi, or even a ferry, thanks to a service offered by BookMeBus. YEAH!! It is that convenient.

Sathapana Mobile

Mobile banking app serviced by Sathapana bank, the Sathapana Mobile has been the go-to-app for cashless payment options among Cambodians and business owners. Users can pay their utility bills as well as wire money locally (transfers to any local bank are currently free!), and internationally. Recently, the app has extended its features to bill payments and phone top ups. You can even create an account directly within the app.


Grab is Southeast Asia’s most popular ride hailing app, available in 336 cities. In 2017, the company recorded its 1st billion rides. The app also provides a series of services including food delivery, hotel booking and more. Grab is well known for providing safe rides. Last year, the company even partnered with the Ministry of Public work and transport, Interior Ministry’s National Committee for Counter Trafficking of Cambodia to combat human trafficking.

Last, but not least, since the beginning of Grab’s operations , 21 babies were born during the Grab rides (how memorable!!).


According to the Post, Nham24 is the Kingdom’s largest food delivery company since it was launched 4 years ago. The company provides customers the option to choose meals and food items from 2,000 restaurants and supermarkets in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. The company’s services gained remarkable popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tech startup MyPhsar has redefined Cambodia’s e-commerce market with an innovative and creative way to reach the local population. MyPhsar is now the second biggest e-commerce company in Cambodia with more than 400,000 downloaded applications, attracting more than 90,000 unique users every month. With a simple and engaging interface, you can browse hundreds of shops and see if there is anything you like. Don’t worry, they also handle the delivery of your items.