Tesjor Public Launch: Cambodia’s First True eCommerce Platform

Officially launched by Pathmazing on 30 March 2017 at the Royal University of Phnom Penh’s CJCC, Tesjor is Cambodia’s first true eCommerce platform to focus on food and beverages.

With this app, users can order food and drinks from food outlets with the option of takeaway, delivery and even dining in. This means that customers can order their food beforehand, and have it prepared by the time they reach the restaurant.

It is considered the only ‘true’ eCommerce platform because the entire process of payment and ordering is digital from start to end. Only e-payment is accepted and cash on delivery (COD) is not an option.

“We believe to accelerate eCommerce, we would require e-payment… COD is not an option because we figured that if it were an option, more than 90% will select that option, and eCommerce will not take off in the country,” expressed Mr Steven Path, CEO of Pathmazing and the creator of Tesjor.

As such, Tesjor has established strong relationships with major local payment providers, giving users a range of reliable epayment methods to choose from. Methods that were announced available during the launch were Wing Money, ACLEDA, PayGo kiosks, PayWay as well as Tesjor’s very own Tesjor Wallet.

The Tesjor Wallet, managed by Wing, will be tied to the Tesjor account, and users can top-money into it to make payments on Tesjor and other eCommerce apps. Users simply have to enter their Tesjor passwords when making a payment through it.

To further entice locals to transition into e-payment, Tesjor has signed with 85 restaurant outlets, providing users with an extensive array of food and beverage selections such as Domino’s Pizza, KFC, Lotteria, Tous Les Jours and Café Amazon. But that’s not all.

Users of Tesjor are also entitled to exclusive discounts at all food outlets available in the app, and are awarded reward points from both the restaurants and Tesjor. Restaurant reward points can be exchanged for further discounts whereas Tesjor reward points can be exchanged for premium prizes such as air tickets and tour packages.

The reason behind such touristy rewards can be found in the platform’s name. Tesjor is derived from the Khmer word “tourism” – and it was revealed at the launch that Tesjor does not intend to be just a F&B platform, but a well-rounded tourism app that includes services such as booking of tours, accommodations and other tourism-related services.

“The public launching of Tesjor Mobile Application is the testimony and commitment in responding to the development of the tourism industry in Cambodia. I have no doubt that the Tesjor app will provide a state-of-the-art software platform in enhancing the quality of services as well as managing the travel arrangement for tourists,” said Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, in his endorsement letter of the launch.

It is undeniable that the benefits Tesjor offer to its consumers makes it a reliable and efficient app with promising success. However, for the various tech community representatives, students of RUPP and NPICT, speakers, as well as US Ambassador William A Heidt, present at the launch, it is more than that.

“Even more importantly, I think that Tesjor has a very well-engineered e-payment app, as you mentioned, Steven, that will very well be the breakthrough in the eCommerce space. The launch of Tesjor is very useful to Cambodia’s tech sector as well as a concrete proof of one very important thing – and that is that the ingredients to a very successful tech venture. A great idea, the will to persevere and hard work,” expressed Mr William A. Hedit.

For us at Geeks in Cambodia, we see Tesjor as a remarkable breakthrough in the digital and tech scene of the Kingdom, and are excited to see the country moving to new heights in eCommerce and e-payments. Who knows? We may see a day where COD becomes secondary to e-payment in the Kingdom!

Tesjor is already up and running on the PlayStore and App Store. For more information, do visit www.tesjor.com.