Technology And Future Development Workshop In Cambodia – Internet Exchange Point

Previously we covered the topic of iOS application development as part of the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT (NIPTICT)’s monthly Technology and Future Development workshops in Cambodia.

In this third series of monthly workshops organized by NIPTICT, participants will get to learn about Internet exchange points and its role in securing a faster and better connected network in Cambodia. This workshop will take place at the NIPTICT satellite building, this Thursday on the 9th of July from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

An Internet exchange point is where Internet service providers (ISPs)/service providers exchange Internet traffic and interconnect directly via the exchange between their networks locally and globally.

But what are the advantages of having an Internet exchange point? Well, there are several benefits of having a direct interconnection, such as lowering the cost by reducing the portion of an ISP’s traffic. Other advantages include having lower latency and a higher bandwidth, which are crucial aspects in web browsing and affecting Internet speeds.

There are currently 5 ISPs/Telecoms in Cambodia listed on the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange. Having an Internet exchange point within a country to exchange the local traffic is vital in helping to save the cost and labor of having an international traffic link.

Attendees can expect to know more about the benefits of having Internet exchange points and how it works from guest speaker, Mr Meun Dol, a core network engineer in Chuan Wei Telecom. He has worked on networking technology with familiar brands like Huawei, Cisco and HP from designing, implementing and operations of various small and medium ISPs and enterprise networks. In addition, he will share his experience and vast knowledge with participants about Cambodia’s Internet Exchange Point as well as insights regarding the Regional Internet Exchange Point.

Network engineers, business owners, those from the IT sector and anyone who is interested in finding out more about Internet exchange points are highly encouraged to attend this informative and insightful workshop.

For more information about this upcoming workshop, you can visit their Facebook page here