Technology And Future Development Workshop – Cambodia ISP Network Infrastructure

Attendees of the previous workshop organized by the National Institute of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT (NIPTICT) got to learn about the importance of Internet exchange points and its role in securing a better and faster connected network in Cambodia.

If you have missed that event or want to know more about the Internet infrastructure of Cambodia, you can join in for the fourth edition of NIPTICT’s monthly Technology and Future Development workshops. In this event, you will discover more about the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) network infrastructure and how these services are provided to subscribers like you! This workshop will take place at the NIPTICT satellite building, this Thursday on the 6th of August from 5.30pm to 7.00pm.

Most of the local ISP network infrastructures will comprise of three essential network layers, namely the access network, the distribution network and the core network. An access network helps to connect subscribers to their ISPs and the distribution network acts as an Internet transit point for networking traffic between servers deployed in multiple data centers and the core network serves as the central part of providing these services.

Furthermore, Cambodian based ISPs will have to work with upstream service providers, which comprises of telecom and international gateway companies that are based in other countries. These are crucial in exchanging or transiting through the Internet traffic to the global Internet routing. These multi-tiered systems of networks are vital in providing basic Internet services to Cambodia.

Guest speaker and network expert, Mr. SIM Sopheap will elaborate further in detail to give an insightful overview of Cambodia’s Internet infrastructure scene as well as on how the access, distribution and core networks play a vital role for ISPs in Cambodia. All participants can expect to gain a stronger understanding of the three key networks and how they are connected to their upstream service providers.

Business owners, network engineers, IT experts and managers from their respective fields and anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Cambodian ISP network Infrastructure are highly encouraged to attend this informative and insightful workshop.

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