Team Rat Hunter emerge as champions of Makers Summit

From 15-16 October, the winners of SEA Makerthon Phnom Penh, Team Rat Hunter, represented the Kingdom as at the regional SEA Makerthon summit.

At the summit, team Rat Hunter competed against the champions of 9 other cities in Southeast Asia including Hanoi, Singapore, Jakarta and Chiang Mai and emerged as grand champions!

Taking place in Singapore over the last weekend, the event represented the coming together of many of Asia’s premier makerspaces. The makerspaces represented included FabLab from Singapore, Gravitech from Thailand, SpiritGanesha from Indonesia and of course, Arc Hub Phnom Penh from Cambodia.

The Rat Hunter project was created to help ease the rat issue faced by Cambodian farmers. In the kingdom, rats are responsible for almost 20% of crop destruction and the Rat Hunter team came up with an innovative way to capture the rats. Using the sound of the rats’ predators, such as a snake or a cat, the team sets up their device in rice fields and attempts to capture the rats by luring them into traps.

As champions, team Rat Hunter won $1000 in cash and a mentorship courtesy of WinRock international, who are also a major sponsor of the event.

Team Rat Hunter were announced as Grand Champions of the Makers Summit

Team Rat Hunter were announced as Grand Champions of the Makers Summit

This year, all teams were tasked to create a product that could deal with an issue faced by their country in the field of agriculture, food wastage and sustainability.

Other projects that were showcased at the Makers Summit included one from Team 7 Colourful Rabbit from Hanoi. The team hoped to change the way Vietnamese viewed food waste and came up with an idea called “Neighbourfood”.

Building on the idea of a sharing economy, they attempted to connect a neighbourhood through an application which would allow communities to share extra food or store the extra food in a centralised refrigerator.

Another project comes from team Fitchen from Singapore, who won their local Makerthon jointly organised by Sustainable Living Lab and OneMaker Group.

Their idea was to create a food inventory storage management system that made use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The system they created boasts an integration of sensors and network electronics which transmits various storage data and sends feedback via a Chatbot to its user in order to assist in the management and restocking of the industrial kitchen.

In addition to these two projects, there were many other meaningful projects at the competition and a full list of projects, including their descriptions, can be found at this link –

Aside from the competition, the Makers Summit was also a chance for participants to network and listen to several inspirational talks from various industry experts including Ken Chua, the co-founder of (these)abilities and Ben Amick, the Senior Adviser for Business Development and External Affairs of Winrock International.

All in all, the Makers Summit was a successful event which brought together like-minded individuals with great projects to network and to spur each other on to greater heights.

Here at Geeks in Cambodia, we are especially proud of team Rat Hunter and we wish them our heartiest congratulations while also cheering them on as they embark on the EPIC Incubator programme.

If you’d like to find out more about team Rat Hunter, you can check out how they were feeling just before they left to Singapore here or, you can re-live their victory at SEA Makerthon Phnom Penh here!
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