SokhaKrom – The Cambodian App That Aims To Make Healthcare Accessible to All

As the saying goes, “health is the greatest wealth”. Good healthcare is essential to everyone, and tech has proven to be able to help make it more accessible.

The latest SokhaKrom mobile app is one such example. The SokhaKrom app was recently awarded “Best Start-up Company” at the Cambodia ICT Awards.

Developed by Codingate, a mobile app development company, SokhaKrom is an all-in-one participatory healthcare platform that includes a mobile application, website, Facebook page and even a Patient Relationship Management system.

In this recently launched mobile app, a number of essential features are available.

For one, it is a central data that contains a vast amount of information on various aspects of the medical sector, including medical plantations, medicines, medical professionals, healthcare tips and more. This is in line with their aim to promote informed healthcare by providing trustable healthcare information and sharing healthcare tips to users.

Going into specifics, the SokhaKrom data pool consists of:

- Medical Professional’s profiles including doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, and other experts in the field.
- Listing of Medical Providers in Cambodia such as hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc.
- Information on legal medicines available in local pharmacies
- Information on medical plantations that produces medical ingredients
- General knowledge on things related to healthcare, medical professionals and providers
- Health tips and other useful information related to taking care of your health

In addition to providing the public with more information on healthcare to improve confidence in the healthcare sector, SokhaKrom also provides other features such as a map that allows you to find nearby healthcare services, providers or pharmacies. It also updates you when there is new healthcare information, and a search function for you to seek for reliable doctors and other experts according to your needs, or even information on useful herbs that can be pharmaceutical ingredients.

For Geeks in Cambodia, the most interesting function would be the fact that you can communicate directly to different healthcare services and providers within the app, which we feel makes it have the potential to become a one-stop, convenient app for healthcare.

Furthermore, medical graduates can also use this app to seek job opportunities. As for the ‘Relationship Management System’ we mentioned earlier, a separate platform under SokhaKrom has been created especially for medical providers to manage their patients’ medical history and appointments.

Interested on trying this app for yourself? You can find it on the App Store or Google Play Store, or visit their Facebook page for more information.