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When mobile technology serves journalism in Cambodia

CCIM (Cambodian Center for Independant Media), a cambodian organization created in 2007, aims at promoting independant media, and bringing educational and informative programs to Cambodia.
As elections will take place next july in Cambodia, CCIM made the move to teach journalists how to use new technologies in the reporting process in regards to these upcoming elections.


Social Good and Startup

As we already explained, here at Geeks in Cambodia, we’re passionate about Startups, but we’re also really excited about everything related to Social Good.
Quick reminder, we call “Social Good” all initiatives bridging tech or innovation to social change. Bottom line, any project using tech resources for solidarity or education purpose could be defined as … More


+SocialGood : Technology for Social Change

This month, Women Deliver conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, where attendees could discuss on how new media could support women’s health and empowerment.
It is during this conference that the project “+SocialGood” was launched, a network connecting global communities for social change.
This project was born thanks to Mashable, one of the first platform to … More


A mobile game for social good in Cambodia

Last week we had the pleasure to introduce the cambodia-based company Osja, a game development studio created in Phnom Penh in november 2011.
This studio has not only developed mobile games made for fun purpose, they actually also created a mobile game for social good purpose, called the «Good men Quiz».
This project was initiated … More

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