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Introducing SHE Investments For Cambodian Women

Catching on with the recent spotlight on the women in technology, SHE (Support Her Enterprise) Investments is a new social enterprise dedicated towards Cambodian women. As the group’s main mission is to develop profitable and sustainable small or medium businesses in mind of the gender, they will be providing support through a business incubator program with regular training workshops, and one-on-one support systems.


Interview: Heating Up The 3D Printers With Golden West

Introducing one of the hottest initiatives happening in Cambodia: the AOTM (Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials) program. In a nutshell, the program leverages the recent advances in the accessibility of 3D printing to raise the quality of humanitarian explosive ordnance disposal education worldwide. We recently had the chance to catch up with key maker Gretchen Chia to find out, among other things, just exactly how hands-on we can get with the prototypes.


Announcing Digital Strategies for Development Summit 2014

Digital Strategies for Development Summit 2014 is first among a series of interventions over the next three years to ensure a better collaboration and cooperation amongst various stakeholders to gain more momentum for their core mandates by leveraging the use of digital technology enabled solutions. The event product of a highly capable multi-stakeholder consortium, DSDS 2014 will be held at the Asian Institute of Management, Makati City (Philippines) on 2 and 3 October 2014.


Interview: Adding SPICE To The Cambodian Community

If you haven’t heard of the SPICE (Structuring Partnerships for an Innovative Communications Environment) program, it is an initiative headed by Open Institute and funded by USAID to facilitate the communication between NGOs and the general rural public in the country. We caught up with Javier Sola, the Chief of Party of Open Institute, to find out more about SPICE’s background, activities, and future direction!

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