Social Good and Startup

As we already explained, here at Geeks in Cambodia, we’re passionate about Startups, but we’re also really excited about everything related to Social Good.

Quick reminder, we call “Social Good” all initiatives bridging tech or innovation to social change. Bottom line, any project using tech resources for solidarity or education purpose could be defined as a Social Good initiative.

Today, we decided to highlight two resources bridging the universe of Startups with those Social Good matters.

So let’s start with Social Good Startup, a project launched to provide workshops helping people building their own Social Good Startup. The project was created by social innovators willing to share their knowledge in order to help developing more ideas focused on social good. Anyone with an initial idea can get  advice from these trainings on how to implement and fund their projects. As they say “Everyone begins with an idea. It’s what happens shortly afterward that could mean the difference between success and failure”. In this regard, the Social Good Startup workshops allow to analyze each step of the startup development, and help bringing things to the next level, thanks to the mentors experiences and resources.

Let’s also focus on another initiative of that kind, this time coming from Europe. Social Good Lab is the very first incubator in Europe dedicated to social good projects. This new born incubator recently invited people to submit their projects, providing those ones were related to social innovation. For instance, technologies promoting autonomy of people with disabilities, fundraising mobile solutions, or any technology promoting social justice and general responsible uses could be eligible to the incubator. Projects granted will get mentoring and other services (spaces for coworking and meetings, advice, networking opportunities with investors and potential partners, and more…).

Defined as an “exemplary and innovative partnership promoting a concrete encounter between technological innovation and social entrepreneurship”, this incubator is already expected to raise awareness on many promising social good startups.

Those examples come from Europe and the US, but we’re looking forward to see some similar initiatives growing in Asia as well. Feel free to drop us a line if you know any project of that type happening in Asia, and we’ll be more than happy to cover it.