Social Entrepreneurship Workshop for Cambodian Startups

Remember when we published an infographic on the 13 must-know words for new entrepreneurs here? Well, that nifty infographic might just come in really handy for you now, and one of the 13 words is even in this title as well!

In conjunction with Zaman Entrepreneurship Hub, Social Enterprise Cambodia is hosting one of the most exciting workshops on social entrepreneurship from 9am next Monday (25 May) at the Zaman University.

“Start, Pivot, Start Again” allows you to step into the world of young and inspiring entrepreneurs within ASEAN and Cambodia as you learn more about their journeys. The main aim of the workshop is to bring about innovation and introduce young Cambodians to the world of social entrepreneurship.

One can expect to rub shoulders and learn from successful local as well as global social entrepreneurs who will give you insights on their failures, challenges, how they overcame these tests, as well as how wonderful it is to run a social venture.

Speakers include social entrepreneur Ganesh Murrurti, the founder and CEO of Saora Industries, which had previously acquired global recognition from the Malaysian Global Creative Centre, Stanford University, and Laucreate International University, as well as Sopheakmonkol Sok, the founder of Codingate.

Other speakers that will be there include Sophia Im, one of the cornerstones of Digital Divide Data in Cambodia, and Kongny Hav, the founder of My Dream Home.

Other than learning from the guest speakers, you might also be able to win some cool prizes at the workshop. Light refreshments will be provided, and attendees can even request for a certificate of attendance.

So, what are you waiting for? Over 200 applicants from 70 different organisations and schools have already applied for this workshop so far. However, seats are limited, and only selected applicants will be contacted to collect their tickets. Registration, is FREE, so go ahead and apply here now!

To find out more about the workshop, check out Zaman Entrepreneurship Hub’s official Facebook page here.