Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund Welcomes Two More Cambodian Digital Businesses: Okra and Sousdey

The Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (SADIF) has further expanded its investee portfolio to include two more promising Cambodian companies – Solar energy software company Okra Solar and digital marketing, messaging and analytic platform Sousdey Cambodia.

Okra Solar and Sousdey Cambodia are the latest companies to receive support from the USD$5 million digital venture capital fund, a collaboration between Smart, Mekong Strategic Partners and Forte Insurance to “invest in Cambodian-based, digital service companies and start-ups and aims to spur the digital ecosystem in the country”. Previous recipients are Agribuddy, Nham24, Morakot Technology and Joonaak.

Charles Cheo, CEO of Forte Insurance, the limited partner of SADIF, said, “The fast e-commerce market growth gives merchants opportunities to build relationships with customers virtually. However, a common pain point is that since every transaction is processed manually, problems can arise throughout the process. Sousdey’s enterprise solution is capable to address both the customers and the merchants.”

Okra Solar

Okra makes solar energy affordable and accessible to remote off-grid communities. And following growing success in Cambodia, it is set to expand its services to the Philippines with a new project aimed at supplying clean energy to 40,000 people.

“We are very excited to receive support from SADIF. It was a natural choice to partner with Smart as we already use network connectivity to remotely manage and control our Internet-of-Things microgrids,” explained Afnan Hannan, Okra Co-Founder.

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The Okra Solar team proposing their distributed energy technology to rural communities

Sousdey Cambodia

Sousdey allows seamless interaction between enterprise clients and their customers with its Facebook Messenger chatbot service, while providing valuable insights and analysis across thousands of such interactions.

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Sousdey Cambodia at a roadshow promoting their Facebook Messenger chatbot services

For updates and more information about SADIF, follow Smart’s “Smart for Cambodia” Facebook page or go to the SADIF page.