Slacktivism : Our Presentation at TechCamp Southeast Asia

Techcamp Southeast Asia was a very intense event during which we met a lot of people coming from various backgrounds, and most of us can’t even start realizing how much we’ve learned from each other.

Bridging the worlds of Non-profits and ICT is definitely challenging, and for those like us who started to take this path few years ago, we can assume you remember how lonely this journey could be, as only few ways existed to get people working on those issues together. So thanks a lot to events like Techcamp to raise awareness on the huge possibilities such a collaboration can bring, and to allow people to gather and share passion and professional practices.

These kind of events are a good opportunity to bring specific topics addressed to NGOs and CSOs, and share examples of concepts and case studies related to Social Good issues.

We already introduced our first presentation focusing on creative ways to use Social Media for advocacy purpose, the following one relies on resources highlighting the concept of Slacktivism.

Slacktivism is a term that combines the words “slacker” and “activism” to refer to simple measures used to support an issue or social cause involving virtually no effort on the part of participants. Slacktivism is most commonly associated with actions like signing online petitions, copying social network statuses or joining cause-related social networking groups“. Definition by Techopedia

Slacktivism is a very controversial concept, that deserved to be explored a bit more, especially when it comes to activism and awareness issues. You can discover our presentation below :