A young but dynamic startup, SKY Architects is a company which mixes design and sustainable concepts.

Let’s begin with a brief introduction of the founders. Taing Soklei, a Founder and CEO and Ly Sovandarong, Co-Founder and Architect Director of SKY Architects.

They graduated in different domains so they’ve combined their strengths in order to create a business according to their passion in architecture and development. Taing Soklei majors in International Business and Finance graduated from Japan while Ly Sovandarong graduated from Indonesia while majoring in Landscape Architecture and now works in  architecture in Cambodia.

After graduation, Taing Soklei worked  for companies such as Toyota Cambodia as an assistant to the President and a branch of Century 21 as an investment manager. As for Ly Sovandarong, he has already won several awards in architecture such as the Worldbridge affordable house 2nd prize under the project ‘Design our Home’.

Armed with their experience and knowledge in various fields along with their shared passion, Soklei and Sovandarong launched SKY Architects.  Their company name was carefully crafted to mean that they seek to see from the sky to design and to ensure their design are a long-term solution.

As a matter of fact, SKY Architects isn’t just an architecture company, it’s also a veritable vision of the city. With the aim of changing the face of Cambodia’s cities, they’ve also identified a few issues concerning architecture and house buyers.

The first problem that architecture faces in Cambodia, according to the two founders, is that the houses are mostly built without standard guidelines. As such, houses aren’t sustainable because house owners don’t take into consideration the light nor the wind. That’s why SKY Architects wants to educate people about this issue.

Moreover, another issue the Cambodian market faces is the acquisition of first houses. Young Cambodian can’t afford to have their own place. SKY Architects wants to design and build nice, affordable and sustainable houses to cater to this need. The plan is not to forget middle and lower income customers and to offer them affordable places to live.

Now that they have built up their business and given it a proper shape, they’ve also started working on some projects.  They are currently working on seven projects, having finished several others.

With their slogan, “Design your Dream”, no dream will be left behind. As it happens, the big dream is to see a creative city in Phnom Penh. A city which can combine innovation, creativity and architecture. Not only will it be green everywhere but it will be mixed with technology. For SKY Architects, improving the city and making it more technological will make human life easier and they believe that it’s also the government responsibility  to make sure that this evolution remains green and healthy.

They are driven by the certainty that modern architecture will be green. Taing Soklei also wants to see Phnom Penh as a more attractive city. It should be about making people enjoy the art of the city and, at the same time, helping the economy by increasing tourism.

Taing Soklei and Ly Sovandarong are pursuing their dream and enjoying their passion.

Listing image creation and article editing by Joseph SOH