Six business tips on remote work from Facebook

What business strategies does Facebook use during the times of COVID-19?

Leading a company or building a startup is always hard work, but it is exceptionally challenging while facing the dangers of COVID 19, practicing social distancing and working from home. Not being able to connect to customers, clients or partners directly is of course problematic, but in the age of interconnectedness and digital technologies, there are also many solutions.

To help you plan your business strategy in this time, we are bringing you a few tips from Facebook

  1. Stay informed: Stay up to date on the situation by monitoring official sources like WHO ( and your local government health department. It’s important to stay informed of any developments so you can respond quickly to changes that may affect you or your business.

  1.  Highlight important announcements: To proactively inform and educate customers, consider creating an announcement post on your websites, Facebook Page or Instagram Business Profile. Pin important announcements to the top of your Facebook Page ( to make viewing easier. Tell your audience about the measures your business is taking to make your products safe, about online deliveries or how you handle queries from customers. Use various communication channels including eDM and push notifications.

  1. Consider alternative channels: In case your business needs to postpone or cancel any events, consider using alternative channels for hosting or facilitating these events to keep your customers engaged. For example, you could turn a physical workshop into an online webinar, or social media channels to organize live sessions, for example through Facebook. Learn more about hosting a Live session on Facebook or even Instagram.

  1. Respond to customer service queries: It’s vital to be responsive, transparent and present during this time period. Think about setting up template responses across eDM, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and any other communication channel. You will need to handle a lot of questions in a short time and give accurate answers. Think about managing Direct Messages on Instagram Direct, setting up your presence on Messenger and creating a WhatsApp Business profile.

  1. Think about what your customers want: They may ask about orders, cancellation of travel and events, refunds or pausing their memberships. Be ready to answer them.

  1. Prepare for inquiries with FAQs: It’s a good idea to think about questions you’re likely to be asked and to prepare FAQ responses that provide as much visibility and reassurance as possible. Be prepared for questions such as “Can I cancel my order?” or “Can I change the time of my trip/booking?”