Shine In The Spotlight With Cambodia ICT Awards (CICTA) 2017

The much-anticipated annual Cambodia ICT Awards (CICTA) is back again for it’s third run, and sign ups are now open!

Launched in 2015, this competition awards the most innovative of ICT technology achievements in the Kingdom with cash prizes and glory. The goal of this prestigious award is to encourage and promote outstanding products and projects in the ICT sector.

Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata and the main sponsor of this award, feels that it presents an opportunity to demonstrate the strong innovation capacity of the country and makes it “more attractive and competitive on a technological level”.

Three winners are selected every year, with BookMeBus, Smartpay and Tosfun clinching the prize in 2016. This year, interested participants can look forward to an even beefier cash prize with second runner up receiving 1,000 USD, runner-up 3,000 USD and the first-place winner obtaining 10,000 USD, a whopping 5,000 USD increase from the previous year.

These cash rewards given are more than just an attractive incentive but serves as a helping aid to boost winning companies to the next level. In addition, winners have the opportunity to participate in the ASEAN ICT awards, presenting them a chance at more than national recognition, but regional and international acclamation.

Adding to its extensive list of positives, the organising committee of CICTA, The National Institute of Posts and Telecoms and ICT (NIPTICT) also believes in allowing all types of organisations to explore their creativity.

“Innovation can come from very different places. This is why we have created different categories allowing young start-ups, private companies, but also public initiatives and NGOs to showcase their creativity”, shares Dr. Sopheap Seng, President of NIPTICT.

Indeed, interested candidates can apply in six different categories:

  1. Start-up Company
  2. Digital Content
  3. Private Sector
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility
  5. Public Sector
  6. Research & Development

After the initial round of selection, 12 finalists will be picked to showcase their project in front a board of judges comprising of business, official, civil society an ICT industry representatives. Projects are judged based on four criteria:

  1. The creativity of the product
  2. The benefits it brings to society
  3. Quality and reliability of the product,
  4. Technologies involved in the project

One winner would be selected in the six categories, and among them, three final winners would be awarded during the final ceremony in early July*.

If this has piqued your interest and you are all geared up to participate in CICTA 2017, apply now at! Sign ups are already open and close on 30th May*.

Who knows? Your innovation may very well be the next ICT king of the Kingdom.

*These dates have been edited due to updates from the organiser. To see the changes, please view below: 

Final ceremony date shifted from 15th June to early July
Application deadline shifted from 15th May to 30th May