Retrospective: Inside 3D Printing

You might have read in our article “4 Hot Tech Trends of 2015” and seen 3D Printing on the list. True enough, 3D Printing will be making huge waves in the world of tech this year. The said industry is on a roll with new products and players. Industry Analyst Wohler Associates estimate the revenue from all products and services in the industry to be more than $21 Billion by 2020.

All around the world, more and more 3D Printing conferences as well as expos are being held. One of these is Inside 3D Printing, who holds them regionally and internationally. Their most recent event in Singapore from 27 to 28 January 2015 garnered a huge crowd of 2,500.

Inside 3D Printing 2Attendees visiting the exhibitions at the conference. Photo: MecklerMedia.


Held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, the event opened with a keynote from Professor Chua Chee Kai, Director, NTU Additive Manufacturing Centre. He spoke about how 3D Printing would be the future of manufacturing in Singapore. It could definitely increase productivity as well as improve processes, providing the ability to create new and improved products for users.

Following that, a panel discussion was held on the future of 3D Printing in Asia, to give a more broad perspective of what is to come. Panelists present were:

Tyler Benster, 3D Printing Evangelist

Ulf Lindhe, Director Business Development, FIT AG & netfabb GmbH

Benoit Valin, Director of Additive Manufacturing, UCT

Simin Zhou, Vice President of Digital Manufacturing Technologies, UL

In the afternoon, Dr. Achala de Mel, Lecturer in Regenerative Medicine, UCL, spoke about using 3D Printing to save lives. The session covered the process in printing a “living” organ or even surgical implants, and discussed the challenges posed when doing this.

To wrap up day 1, Mike Vasquez, Consultant, 3D Printing Reports, spoke on how 3D Printing can work for organisations and businesses. Mike shared on how companies can take advantage of 3D Printing technologies to meet their business objectives. He also presented a couple of case studies to introduce the framework to attendees and formulate a plan on how this technology can help them.


Inside 3D Printing 1Attendees listening to the conference. Photo: MecklerMedia.

The morning of day 2 saw a speaker from Golden West Design Lab, Phnom Penh. You might recall that they are organising the upcoming Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival. Allen Dodgson Tan, Director, spoke about the team’s Advanced Ordnance Training Materials (AOTM) program. Allen represented Cambodia in displaying our 3D Printing technologies, and if you want to learn more about Golden West and AOTM, visit here.

In the next session, Aaron Issac, CEO,, shared how his company used 3D Printing to mass produce affordable and customisable jewelry. He discussed the software systems that are in place to achieve the online boutique’s goal. Aaron also spoke about the potential of mass customisation in ecommerce.

The afternoon sessions kicked off with a talk on how 3D Printing can help SMEs, and are not just limited to huge companies with extensive budgets. Harsh Sanghvi, 3DP Engineer, Shapeways and Founder, Extrudify, discussed some applications that can offer SMEs a door into 3D Printing. According to him, some of the businesses that they work with can cut costs by as much as 70% through 3D Printing technology. He also emphasised that awareness about the technology is crucial in providing opportunities for 3D Printer manufacturers, especially those in the lower-end of developing Asia.


Geeks In Cambodia spoke with Allen about what he thought of the conference. He mentioned that though 3D Printing has existed for decades, the recent increase in interest has created a new public awareness of the technology. This results in an environment where “hardcore industry players mix with hobbyist “makers” and the simply curious”.

“Events like Inside 3D Printing Singapore offer presentations ranging from very technical, geared towards helping industry insiders with complex issues, to presentations that cover only the most basic general information about 3D printing, which are clearly geared toward the uninitiated. They are still feeling-out the concept and what it should look like. I think in the coming years we will see events like Inside 3D Printing Singapore refine their model, but until then; it’s still an interesting and worthwhile environment for most people inside and outside the industry.”

The Inside 3D Printing event has certainly been a eye-opening experience of what opportunities lie ahead for the various industries. Want to learn more about their upcoming conferences? Visit here. Check out the video below of some highlights from the event!