Retrospective : gDay & DevFest Cambodia 2014

Are you a Google lover? Then you probably know that gDay & DevFest Cambodia 2014 took place on 29 and 30 November at Zaman University. This two-day conference was organized in cooperation between two Google communities, namely Google Business Group Phnom Penh (GBG Phnom Penh) (organiser of gDay) and Google Developer Group Phnom Penh (GDG Phnom Penh) (organiser of DevFest).

1gDay & DevFest was held at Zaman University

 Over 500 participants showed up at this conference. They consisted of students, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and people eager to learn about Google technologies. Participants enjoyed various gadget demonstrations that showcased technologies by the various company sponsors. Some of them were Tablet, Smart phone, Smart watch, Google Cardboard, and 3D TV.

 2Participants test product demo on the main hall

 This year, Geeks in Cambodia also showcased ourselves at the event, spreading the word about tech events in Cambodia as well as the region.


Participants visit the booths on the 4th floor

What is gDay?

gDay consists of conferences run by the community, for the community, and with support of Google. This is a stellar opportunity to showcase your community to the public, present your plans, celebrate successes, as well as inspire others with technology and encourage them to join your GBG network as members or organizers.

What is Devfest?

DevFest is a multi-track event that covers a variety of Google Developer products. It provides you with the option to run product-focused events during the DevFest season. Your event should cover Google developer tech, whether it focuses on one product or has multiple tracks.

About the Event

Day 1: Saturday 29th November 2014

The first day started off with a welcome speech by the Google Community Manager and followed with various keynotes from speakers. Some of these include:

  • Grow With Google: Achieving Success in the Digital World” by
    Mr. Earth Chariyawattanarut – Google Online Specialist,
  • Android Hackathon Introduction
    by Mr. Kong Somvannda – GDG Phnom Penh Co-Manager
  • Cambodia Street View Behind the Scenes by
    Mr. Sovann Heng, Google SV Project Manager
  • How Google is Changing the World of Education by Mr. John Esteller & Ms. Chelsea Woods – Google Educator Group Phnom Penh
  • Get Your Business Online with Google My Business by Mr. Muon Chamnan – GBG Phnom Penh Co-Manager

 4Mr. Earth Chariyawattanarut – Google Online Specialist, gave his keynote about “Grow with Google: Achieving Success in the Digital World”

In the afternoon, parallel sessions were held, where speakers shared their immense knowledge with their audience. These sessions were:

  • YouTube for Business Owner by Lorn Darin
  • Introduction to AngularJS: by Darren Jensen
  • ASVA Games: Success Story by Ear Uy
  • Help improve Khmer language Optical Characters Recognition (OCR) by Danh Hong
  • Introduction to Android Wear by Tim Chanrithy

 5Mr .Darren Jensen Introducting AngularJS

In the meantime, Android Hackathon also gathered mobile app developers to form groups to join in the contest, Mobile App idea. This Hackathon takes place over a course of two days, under the instruction by mentors. The Android Hackathon Demo Presentation & Judging happened in the evening of the second day. The group with the best app idea gets an LG Smart watch, kindly sponsored by LG Cambodia.

 6Android Hackathon Activity

Day 2 : Sunday 30th November 2014

Mr. Amit Chopra, Google Developers Community Manager, kickstarted the second day with a welcome speech via Hangout. After that, speakers presented various keynotes on:

  • Q & A on Online Digital Marketing for SMB by Mr. Earth Chariyawattanarut, Google Online Specialist
  • Mobile Tourism with NFC and Google Map on Android Phone by Mr. Kimheng Sok – Deputy Head of Department of Computer Science and Communication
  • How to Create the Interactive Map Using Google Maps: Case study from ODC Website by Ms. Heng Huy Eng
  • How GBG to empower society? ( GBG Sihanoukville) by Toun Samorn

 7Participants watching the welcome speech from Mr. Amit Chopra, Google Developers Community Manager (via Hangout)

After the keynotes, participants and organisers alike took photographs together to commerate the event.

 8Participants and organizers took photographs together to commemorate the day

During the lunch break, gDay Cambodia brought much fun to all participants! A music band entertained the crowd:


In the afternoon, parallel sessions were held:

  • Android Khmer Smart Keyboard by Kruy Vanna
  • Introduction to Polymer and CodeLab by Chuy Thong
  • Grow Your Business Online with Google App! by Toun Samorn

10Introduction to Polymer and CodeLab by Chuy Thong

11Each group brainstorm their idea about mobile app under inspection form mentor

At 4 in evening, participants and the Android hackathon group gathered at the conference hall for the final session “Android Hackathon Demo Presentation & Judge”. Then came the time for the hackathon group to keep calm and pitch their mobile app idea!

There were six groups presenting their mobile app prototype. These were: Khmer temple, Find my bus, Komnab Khmer, Inthanu Dictionary, and My team app.

12 An Android hackathon group presenting their mobile app prototype to the jury and participants

The five judges selected all have backgrounds in mobile app and the IT industry:


14Organizer announce the result about the mobile app idea

The group who won the contest is “Komnab Khmer”, a mobile app that suggests rhyming words in order to compose a poem. Congratulations to the team!

 15Komnab Khmer Group receive the prize from organizer

At 6 in evening, all volunteers, speakers, and partners were invited to join a network dinner at the restaurant. People were then free to let loose and have fun with a lucky draw as well as certificate presentation to all volunteers.

gDay & DevFest Cambodia 2014 is the event that inspires everyone about technology and empowers Cambodia with Google communities. Throughout the hackathon, gadget demo and keynote from various speakers, participants certainly gained more knowledge about technology and Google Products. Google’s technologies will definitely bring many benefits to Cambodians for both work and education.

Take a look at the photos of the event covered by Mr.Rattana Keo, Tech correspondent for Geeks in Cambodia:

Take a peek at the photo slideshow by the organising team:

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