Report Citizen Issues using the TRANSMIT Mobile App

If you’ve ever faced an issue in your everyday life that you feel deserves the government’s attention but did not know how to report it, this app could be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

Developed by PACT Cambodia and supported by a grant from Development Innovations, the “Tracking and Sharing Multi-Sector Issues with Technology” app, or TRANSMIT, seeks to provide you with a quick way to report citizen issues online.

Building on PACT’s mission to engage the community and increase citizen empowerment, this app hopes to enable cross-commune networks of community-based organisations (CBO) to report on citizen issues raised at the various council meetings.

The application is a vast improvement on the current system for citizens to track issues. Now, citizen networks use flip chart paper to track issues they are facing and the paper is moved from one person to another between meetings. Eventually, the piece of paper will reach a councilor who will selectively report issues to the national government.

With the introduction of this application, citizen groups can now report issues on the go. Furthermore, the councilors at the various locations will be able to keep better track of the various issues at hand and be able to provide citizens with real-time updates.

In other words, the application helps to digitize a system that is currently only available on paper which will hopefully help to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

Through the app, government agencies will also receive data about the various obstacles the sub-national councils face. The hope is that eventually, this will help the government quickly solve the issues faced in each council.

For PACT, this application is one of the various projects that they have embarked on since they set up in Cambodia in 1991. Since then, they have helped strengthen the capacity of institutions run for and by Cambodians to end poverty and injustice. Recently, they have been helping to deepen civic engagement and supporting forest conservation amongst various other efforts.

Check out the issue tracking form app and download it here today!