Introducing Google Glass

Google Glass, defined as a “wearable computer”, is a project developed by Google, not released yet, but already tried by few lucky users.
The item features a voice recognition function allowing to send messages, translate, ask to take pictures, record videos, launch Internet search queries… (Internet connexion made through wi-fi or bluetooth). You can also live share … More


A new Youtube’s app for Windows Phone, with or without Google’s help

In opposition to Youtube’s apps on IOS and Android devices, the one previously available on Windows phone didn’t seem to meet users’ needs. That’s obviously one of the reasons why it has been decided to rebuild this app and offer a better user experience, as well as more features.

Microsoft previously claimed that Google … More


Apple iRadio project in process

Apple recently revealed its ambition to develop a music platform project, allowing users to discover new talents and streaming music online. Further than listening, users would also be able to be easily redirected to iTunes to buy some music.
In this regards, Apple discussed partnerships and royalties terms with Universal music initially, and more recently … More

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