CheckInTonight Mobile App Shakes Hotel Deals In Asia

Always eager to go deeper into the cambodian startup scene, we recently had the opportunity to discover CheckInTonight mobile application, as we were looking for relevant tips for geek travellers in Cambodia.
So far, what we knew about hotel deals was foremost related to websites, providing special discounts thanks to partnerships developed with hotels. But … More


The Fliike : Facebook In Real Life

Today’s pick is not made in Asia, but it’s definitely interesting for all businesses around here !
Introducing “The Fliike”, a smart way to integrate social media IRL (“In Real Life”) .
The Fliike is a device to be displayed in concrete stores, giving informations about the shop or business number of Facebook fans.



The Advent of 3D Technology Talents in Cambodia

Although “3D” has become a popular word, it remains obvious that many people are not aware of the use of this technology in their everyday life. As you watch a TV show, a movie, a commercial, or play a video game, you don’t necessarily realize  how surrounded by 3D technology you can be ! But so … More


Gadget Review : Flex Pocket Charger

Introducing our gadget pick of the day : “The PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger” a small and powerful charger for Android and Smartphones.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the phone suit flex is an external battery with an ultra-compact size and a high capacity 2600 mAh while the average of a normal battery … More

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