Mobile Social Commerce Conference in Cambodia : retrospective

On July 5th, Phnom Penh welcomed the Mobile Social Commerce Conference (MSOC) launched on the initiative of PIKOM and RESOLVO companies. Over 120 delegates from Cambodia, Malaysia, USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran attended the conference officiated by the Minister of Information Cambodia and the Secretary General of NIDA (National IT Development Authority). Geeks in Cambodia … More


Discover Geeks in Cambodia in Khmer!

Hi guys!
We’re very happy to announce that the khmer version of Geeks in Cambodia is now live!
Now our readers can discover our daily news in both khmer and english languages, and we couldn’t be happier
We still have some improvements and arrangements to make, so we’re open to any suggestion from … More


Gadget Review : Leap Motion

Leap Motion gadget seems to be about to revolutionize the way we use computers, with some cool 3-D Motion-Control features.
So what is Leap Motion ? It’s a new device launched by the motion-control company, featuring a software that allows people to control their computers with hand and finger movements. People can buy and download … More

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