Huawei Ascend P6 to be launched in Cambodia in July

Ten days ago, we released a mobile review about Huawei Ascend P6 on the day it was officially presented in London.
Following this presentation in UK, and the one Singapore, Chinese mobile builder Huawei announced the launch of its new flagship product onto Cambodian market in the middle of July this year.
Huawei seems to have … More


Geeks or Nerds in Cambodia?

As many people ask us whether we are basically “Geeks” or “Nerds”, we found this interesting to introduce an Infographic by Daily Infographic in regards to differences between Geeks and Nerds.
So we would definitely stick to the Geek profile, even though we’re not 100% similar to the following description, and truth is we also … More


Geeks in Cambodia soon available in Khmer language !

Geeks in Cambodia daily news platform was launched only few weeks ago, and is so far displayed in english language only.
This launch was only a first step, and as we’re based in Cambodia, and more than willing to share as much information as possible with our cambodian readers, we currently work on a Khmer … More


What is Geeks In Cambodia?

Geeks In Cambodia is a brand new project, supported by a team of folks madly in love with Tech and Startup ecosystems in Asia !
What is this platform about ?
At Geeks In Cambodia, our aim is to gather tech news from all around the globe and share the passion with our readers … More

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