New tech platform to provide free legal advice amid Covid-19 pandemic

Even with the limited number of new Covid-19 cases in Cambodia, the global pandemic has been a source of economic pressure, forcing many businesses to shut down or significantly reduce their workforce.

To assist Cambodians workers who are at risk of losing their jobs, need support with salary negotiations or contract terminations, Belaws, a tech platform providing legal expertise, has introduced a new way of accessing free legal advice with their new Employment Law Clinic.

Under the Employment Law Clinic, legal firms Zico Law, PYT & Associates and independent Cambodian lawyers experienced in employment-related issues have agreed to provide a free 30-minute consultation to help both employers and employees to deal with job-related problems created by the pandemic.

“We wanted to launch an initiative to help and be part of the common effort. This ‘Employment Law Clinic’ is our contribution to the Cambodian and foreign business community during these challenging times, with the increasing number of companies facing unusual business difficulties and employment issues these days, ” said Vincent Birot, CEO and Co-founder of Belaws.

To access the service, interested parties can visit Belaws’ website and post questions on employment issues arising from the current Covid-19 situation. All lawyers participating in the project speak Khmer and users can ask their questions in both Khmer and English.

“I had a good experience with Belaws Clinic, I asked for help regarding my concern with employment issues due to Covid-19. Their lawyers got back to me promptly and took time to explain it to me step by step. I highly appreciate their professionalism”, described the service Ms Serenade Say, Managing director of Ambiance Signature.

First introducing their services in Thailand in 2017, Belaws is a new legal online tech platform operating in several countries across Southeast Asia. The one-stop platform delivers legal, corporate and tax services at a fixed price by using a centralized dashboard offering corporate secretary tools such as digital company registration, change of directors or share transfers
In July 2019, the platform expanded their activities to Cambodia, where the Belaws team felt a need for such a digital solution with pre-vetted expert lawyers.

“We have now developed a strong network of Cambodian expert lawyers able to provide pragmatic advice in English for market entry, company registration, corporate law, employment law, intellectual property, commercial agreements, M&A, real estate, tax and accounting, ” said Mr. Birot about their current operations in Cambodia.

You can learn more about Belaws and their Law Employment Clinic here.