MyTeb’s Google Chromebooks To Aid Cambodian Teachers in Their Classrooms

Geeks in Cambodia has received exciting, new updates on the New Generation School (NGS) initiative, and are beyond excited to share it with you!

The NGS initiative by KAPE is one that aims to revolutionise the education system in Cambodia, and one of the implementations they have put into place is incorporating tech into the students’ curriculum.

Presently, in schools around Cambodia that are involved in this initiative, students have had their learning experience enriched with new computer labs and renovated science labs.

Now, they can further look forward to a new addition to their education – the use of Google Chromebooks by teachers and eventually students.

Presented to the teachers at the New Generation Schools by His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, the Minister of Education Youth and Sports Cambodia (MoEYS),MYTEB will be piloting this utilization of Chromebooks with KAPE and MoEYS.

MYTEB is a manufacturer and importer of Google Android and Chrome devices with a goal to provide technologies that help to educate, enable and empower. To achieve that, MYTEB has deployed their tablets and Chromebooks in projects by private sectors such as USAID – Development Innovations and CIA First. This dissemination of HP 11 Chromebooks to NGS adds on to their list of positive efforts to make a change with tech.

Now zooming into the HP 11 Chromebooks themselves, which are fully imported from the US and refurbished on Cambodian grounds, the modern cloud based technology presents teachers the opportunity to enhance their teaching with free open source solutions to enable better learning and collaboration amongst students.

Additionally, Google Chromebooks also offer:

●      Instant Boot

●      Free anti-virus protection

●      Thousands of Free Education Apps from the Chrome Web Store

●      Unlimited cloud storage (for schools)

●      Built-in GSuite

●      Can be charged with a power bank

Thus far, Chromebooks have been adopted by over 58% of US schools, and 5 local Cambodian schools, with more than 30,000 devices activated on a daily basis. The use of such Chromebooks by NGS teachers is another positive step towards integrating technology into education.

Technology has consistently made a positive change in the various developments of Cambodia, from tourism, agriculture and finance to day-to-day activities like food delivery services and online payments. It is heartening to see that technology is also making its way to generating meaningful and enriching impacts on the education sector, especially when it has the potential to shape the young talents who will be driving the advancement of our country.

As such, Geeks in Cambodia definitely hopes that initiatives introducing tech to help enrich students’ learning would become more common in Cambodia.

For those interested in trying out Chromebooks, MYTEB would be officially rolling them out mid-August. For more information and a free demo do visit their website at