MyAPP: Rethinking how services are ordered in Cambodia

A new Cambodian app, MyAPP Service, aims to offer Cambodians a convenient way to order services and professional support, and is the brainchild of Sreysung Kam, a recent graduate of the SHE Investment Accelerator Programme, and her husband.

Geeks in Cambodia spoke with Ms. Kam to learn more about the service which is due to launch on February 21, her motivations for developing it, and her plans for the future.

(The following has been edited for length and clarity)

Q. When did you first have the idea for your app? Was it because you found something difficult to do?

The MyAPP Service has been founded with the vision to provide time saving and convenience when ordering all kinds of services and products relevant to, and for, the needs of daily life in Cambodia.

The idea has come to our mind in 2015, when we struggled to find information on arranging people to help with home tasks. I remember that even finding someone to deliver cooking gas was hard when we moved into our new home. Even when we found phone numbers for local deliveries, some were no longer working, or some didn’t want to deliver to us. And we have heard of similar problems and challenges from our friends and relatives. This gave us the courage to develop an on-demand service platform.

It wasn’t until early 2018 that we finally started to develop the app, and thanks to the exceptional work of our IT developer we are excited to say that it’s available to download in the Apple App Store, and the Android Play Store.

For companies and professionals wishing to utilise MyAPP Service, they can download the MyAPP Service Provider app, and for customers, please download the MyAPP service app! Both are available in Khmer, English and Chinese, to ensure that most people in Cambodia can use and benefit from the service.

A map feature makes it easy for deliveries to find customers, and pricing is clearly stated to avoid any problems. At the moment, all payments are in cash, but we are looking at cashless options like Pi Pay to help make things even easier and more efficient for MyAPP Service users.


Q. Why did you join SHE Investments, and what support have you received/learnt?

SHE Investments have helped us formalise our business, such as registering it officially with the relevant ministries. My mentor Celia [SHE Investments founder and CEO] is the best mentor ever, and our discussions have helped me get the support I needed.

Q. What is the main use for your app? Who do you think will use it? Why will it succeed?

We are the first service like this in Cambodia, and we are confident it meets a real need among busy working families, foreigners and people moving to new cities or neighbourhoods. Just like ride-hailing apps have proven popular with people due to clearer pricing, we think MyAPP Service will do the same for many other services in Cambodia.

People can keep track of their expenditure on services, and the companies offering these services have a more accurate way of recording their deliveries and payments. Plus, it is a more effective way for them to stand out from the existing competition and be seen by potential customers.

Q. How would you describe Cambodia’s technology landscape?

We see Cambodia’s technology landscape growing fast. Almost everyone has a smartphone now and we are positive that MyAPP Service will help support the development Cambodia’s tech sector.

We want MyAPP Service to be part of an active ecosystem that improves people’s daily lives and ensures that sellers and customers are able to receive the best prices and service, thus making a positive impact in Cambodian society using technology innovation.

It is exciting to see novel uses of technology to help boost access for important services such as this, and Geeks looks forward to monitoring MyAPP Service’s development.