Mobile trends Cambodia 2014

We came across various sources dealing with digital overviews and opportunities in APAC for the year 2014. Particularly interested in the trends for Cambodia, we were very eager to find updated statistics regarding mobile trends in the country.

In Cambodia, even if the overview of the Internet penetration might seem low (5% of the population), the mobile subscription penetration on the other hand is really strong (126%, when the Global Average rate is 89%). Furthermore, the country experiences a 3G penetration of 13,8%, with 1.1 million people (namely 7% of the population) connecting to social medias from a mobile device.

Mobile subscriptions in Cambodia are mostly running under Pre-paid contracts (95% of the population), as post Post paid contracts represent only 5% so far.

Currently, mobile providers represented in Cambodia are Beeline, Cellcard, CooTel, Excell, Metfone, qb and Smart. And as there seem to be a drop in the numbers comparing to the insights published in 2013, we can wonder if it comes from a growing loyalty towards Telcos, meaning sticking to one provider instead of owning several sim cards from various operators.

You can discover a full infographic below, based on insight from januray 2014, summarizing the main mobile trends for Cambodia :

Thank you to Simon Kemp for his very interesting article on We are Social.