Mobile Review: YotaPhone 2 – The Phone With 2 Fronts

The first of its kind in the entire world, the double screened YotaPhone 2 is unlike any other. The smartphone combines the functions of a regular phone together with a stunning electronic paper display.

Saying the YotaPhone 2 is an upgrade over its predecessor would be an understatement, this new release features a bigger smartphone with two brilliant displays. The phone’s Electronic Paper Display (EPD) provides users with constant access to key information throughout the day, with just a simple swipe. Users can navigate swiftly across the EPD with the help of YotaPanels. YotaPanels enable you to customise your phone’s dashboard based on your personal priorities and preferences, this essentially enables you to use your smartphone almost hands free! Fret not, energy consumption is kept at a minimum although the phone’s EPD is always on.


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The EPD always keeps your pending notifications at the highest priority and ensures that a missed call or text does not go unnoticed. Battery life will no longer be an issue as the YotaEnergy mode can be switched on when you’re running low on battery. This increases your estimated usage time drastically while keeping all your basic functions in operation so you can still go on with your day as planned.

The phone features full Android functionality on both screens. The EPD is not just a visual treat but is extremely functional and allows you to use it as a music player or even share a thought provoking quote on social media. Personalise your very own YotaPhone 2, with an EPD that matches your mood, use dynamic wallpapers or any image from your personal photo library.


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Strain your eyes no more! The e-ink screen will easily last up to a 100 hours and gives users a wide viewing angle that ensures great readability all while preventing sun glare on your device.

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