Mobile Review: Take in the Holographic Takee

The first time we caught a glimpse of holographic technology was in science fiction movies like Star Wars and even today holography remains an elusive product to the masses. But all that is about to change with the coming of the newly announced Takee 1, the world’s very first holographic smartphone.

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Photo Credits:

Designed by E-Star, the Takee phone uses four front facing cameras to track your face, following your eye movements and adjusting the user interface to create holographic depth perception. The phone also appears to come with a spider-like snap on attachment that allows users to not only see the images but interact with them in real time! There’s also an expansive library of games, apps, movies and more that come pre-loaded within the cloud cube store in the phone.

Apart from its revolutionary holographic technology, the Takee also comes with a 5.5-inch, 1080p display, an octa-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM ensuring that you’ll be able to download plenty of apps and movies to enjoy in full holographic quality. It also boasts a robust 13-megapixel shooter with a Sony Exmor RS sensor as it’s main camera, a quality camera found on other great phones from HTC and Nokia.

The Takee 1 will be available in black and white, with a limited 18K gold edition and will make it’s official debut on 17 August 2014.

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