Mobile Review: Nokia Lumia 630

Cost is always among the top things to consider when buying a Smartphone. Sure there’s plenty of great models from Samsung and Apple to choose from but they’re always so expensive! Want something that’s both affordable and functional? Well then look no further than the new Nokia Lumia 630 which has just been released in Cambodia!

On the surface, the Lumia 630 is perfect for those of you looking to add a little colour to your life with it’s bright plastic shell that comes in shades of green, orange, yellow or the classic black/white. It’s plastic body feels light enough for a medium sized phone and is designed for maximum ease, with its power button resting nicely in the middle of the it’s slender frame.

It also comes with a handy 5-mega-pixel rear camera which is pretty good for an affordable phone like this. It’s also the first phone to be released with Windows 8.1 which has a bunch of great new features including a fresh looking UI and the up and coming Siri competitor, Cortana.

However, there are obvious drawbacks because of its cheap price. One of the most noticeable cons is its low-res blocky screen which affects things like video output as well as image quality. Furthermore because it runs on Windows 8.1, there are still many apps unavailable for use at the moment.

All things considered, the Nokia Lumia 630 stands as an impressive complement of design, technology and ease of usage. You can pick up the Nokia Lumia at any major local outlet in Cambodia for around 170USD.

Find out more about the Lumia 630 specs below:

Nokia Lumia 630