Mobile Review: LG G Pro Lite Dual

LG has been making waves in the mobile market recently with its line of Nexus Smartphones. Arguably the best phones produced by LG, the Nexus series often overshadows other equally effective products. One such product is the LG G Pro Lite Dual, which offers users a quality experience for a mid-ranged price smartphone.

The G Pro Lite Dual is the direct successor to the Optimus G Pro and although it may look the same the two phone’s couldn’t be more different. Physically, the only difference lies in the missing physical button on the front panel. The plastic body of the phone also feels sturdy and well-built so you can rest easy if you ever accidentally drop your phone.

The phone also comes with a 5.5inch IPS Display which boasts vibrant colours and enhanced contrast in images. The resolution may be a little disappointing to some though since it stands at a mere 540×960 pixels, losing that HD feel when watching videos or browsing images on the web.

But the real selling point here might be the G Pro Lite Dual’s camera which is easily one of the best cameras in its category. The camera app itself comes with a myriad of options photographers can tweak with including brightness, ISO, white balance and so much more. Users of the phone even commented saying that it was almost like using a DSLR on a smartphone! Performance also remains largely consistent when shooting in a variety of light settings even when set to default, making this an ideal camera for photography newbies and experts alike.

The LG G Pro Lite Dual is definitely no Nexus 5 but it does offer up the same measure of usability along with it’s own trademarks like its nifty camera and dual sim extensions.

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LG Pro Lite Dual