Mobile Review : LG G FLEX

Introducing the LG G FLEX, the latest LG Mobile Phone featuring a curved screen.

The first reviews experienced by this mobile are quite mixed, balanced between bright sides and serious defaults :

On the one hand the curve seems to improve the experience, giving visual depth to videos, pictures, and games. The long lasting battery life is also a point that is much appreciable. In addition to this, when the phone is placed face down on a table and being pushed, it is able to go back in his initial curved position without scratch, or blemish on it. LG even says the back of the phone can “heal” itself from minor scratches, which most reviews have not experienced yet though…

And unfortunately, the phone has some strong down sides as well. For example, the screen looks grainy, due to a too low resolution. The curve is also reported to make the phone feel very uncomfortable once placed in the pocket. Moreover, LG’s Voice Mate offers really poor performances compared to its competitor Siri for instance. The main reproach addressed to LG latest release is first and foremost its price, around 799$, considered as not such a good value in the end.

You can find our complete review below :


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