Mobile Banking in Cambodia

With more than 5 millions mobile registered users,  3,5 millions 3G subscribers, and smartphones representing 23% of internet activity, Cambodia has an undeniable interest in focusing on mobile solutions development.

That’s what banks already understood, working on ways to provide easy access to bank accounts management to their users. More than internet banking, a bank made the move to launch some mobile banking features, the very first one in Cambodia.

“We are excited about the benefits of Mobile Banking which we can offer to customers, from better day-to-day money management to greater peace of mind” declared Andy Kun, President & CEO of SBC Bank, about the mobile banking app they recently launched.

This app features bank account access as well as classical money management (purchases, transfers…). It also allows to find the closest Bank Branch and ATM location.

So far, the app is available for IOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) and also for BlackBerry smartphone and Playbook.

Described as “a key service for customers who expect their bank to be available to them anytime, anywhere”, this app might drive future similar innovations, aiming at responding to more and more emerging needs in terms of mobile use in Cambodia.