Ministry Of Commerce Incubator 101 for Cambodian Entrepreneurs

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur hoping to transform your ideas into a successful e-commerce business? Do you have an innovative concept but lack the tools to receive the required funding? Or perhaps you already have an existing business platform, but dream of reaching out on an international scale?

You can turn your ideas into a real business or expand your existing enterprise by making your best pitch to join the Ministry Of Commerce (MOC) 101 Incubator competition and registering for the Boot Camps.

MOC 101 Incubator is a competition and an exciting opportunity for Cambodian entrepreneurs to build a solid business platform to take advantage of the e-commerce ecosystem with an intensive mentorship by Cambodia’s most successful entrepreneurs! However, participants will first have to win the right to receive training and the honor of pitching for seed and growth funding from investors!

MOC 101 Incubator comprises of 4 phases and registering for the Boot Camps are part of phase 1. Interested entrepreneurs must first pitch their ideas to be the selected few to be accepted into the incubator. After which, winners will be provided an intensive six-sessions crash course taught by the most experienced Cambodian entrepreneurs of their respective fields. The third phase allows each incubator graduate to be promoted locally and showcased on an international e-commerce platform before proceeding for the final pitch.

There will be four different Boot Camps for individuals or teams to make their best pitch in order to win the right to join the MOC 101 incubator. These Boot Camps are held on different dates from 4 July to 25 July depending on which Boot Camp you have registered for. Each Boot Camp will take place at the Ministry Of Commerce and starts at 10.00am and will last until 3.00pm. The Boot Camp categories are:

Creative Entrepreneurs
Held on the 4th of July, the first Boot Camp is hosted by Artisan’s Association Of Cambodia and Cambodia Living Arts. Those whom are involved in the creative industry or possess a combined creative flair and entrepreneurial ability should consider registering for this Boot Camp.

Agriculture Entrepreneurs
Held on the 11th of July, the next Boot Camp is hosted by Natural Garden and All Cambo Products Co., Ltd. Entrepreneurs from the agricultural industry and those with an ambition to inspire the next generation of farming with their ideas could register for this Boot Camp.

Open To All
Hosted by Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association and Young Entrepreneurs Association,
This Boot Camp on the 18th of July is perhaps the most diverse among the four Boot Camps. Entrepreneurs could expect to be challenged to pitch their ideas with a strong concept to stand out from the rest.

Tech Entrepreneurs
The final Boot Camp is hosted by BarCamp Cambodia and is held on the 25th of July. Entrepreneurs from the tech-industry or tech-related fields are encouraged to register for this category.

These Boot Camps will serve as the starting point of entry as an audition for the MOC 101 Incubator competition for entrepreneurs. Individuals and teams will have to pitch their ideas, existing business or start up to their respective host of the different Boot Camps. Only 25 – 26 successful pitches will be accepted from each Boot Camp and at the end of all four Boot Camps, only 101 individuals and teams will be selected into the Incubator.

You can register for the Boot Camps here and find our more about MOC 101 Incubator on their official website here