Meal Temple To Launch Mobile Application

A venture started by three French entrepreneurs in 2013, Meal Temple is now one of the leading food delivery services in Phnom Penh.

After three years of operations, Meal Temple announced that it is releasing a mobile application to adapt to the growing usage of smartphones. Currently, 82% of the students and one out of two Phnom Penh residents have a smartphone. 65% of Meal Temple’s orders are from their website while 35% of the orders are made with phone calls.

The press conference where Meal Temple announced the launch of their app and future plans

Meal Temple is now opening at 8am and hopes to reach 6am in the coming months. Its app, which is still in the beta version, will allow customers to order food from any of its 249 restaurants in just five clicks. “You locate yourself, then you choose your restaurant, you choose your item, you select your cart and you validate your order. Easy to use and really responsive,” said Antoine Pichery, Business Developer Manager at Meal Temple.

The app will also feature a GPS system on drivers so customers can track their delivery and prepare for payment to minimise delivery time. Available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, Meal Temple expects to reach over 500 app downloads within the first month.

The company’s future plans include reducing the delivery time and giving restaurants more control over their sales through the website. To achieve the former, Meal Temple plans to situate a certain amount of drivers in areas where they will be in charge of deliveries. On the website, there will be a backend where restaurants can check updates and track their sales. Meal Temple is also looking to enable online payments in the coming month.

In hopes to extend its services and raise awareness of its brand, the food delivery service will partner UK brand Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee serves an estimate of 1,200 customers daily and is aiming to add four to five more outlets to Cambodia in the next year.

“With this partnership with Meal Temple, we expect that an international brand and an expert delivery company will bring the delivery experience for customers to the next level,” said Yoeung Sarath, Operations Manager of Costa Coffee. “From now onwards, we believe this partnership will get the town talking about deliveries.”

Maxime Rosburger, one of Meal Temple’s founders, and Yoeung Sarath, Operations Manager of Costa Coffee

The partnership with Costa Coffee and the development of the app serves as a driving force for Meal Temple to expand its repertoire of restaurants, especially with those that provide free delivery service.

“We are adding restaurants every month, so of course we are looking to work, as with Costa Coffee, with international brands,” said Maxime Rosburger, one of Meal Temple’s founders. “We are now looking for more and more restaurants in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh that wants to do free delivery for our users. We believe it brings great leverage for them and customer satisfaction.”