Lightplay : Mobile Media Projection

“A new experience in media”, that’s definitely what you’ll get with this gadget picked by the Geeks In Cambodia team this week.

Phonesuit Lightplay is a projector that can be connected with your smartphone, either IOS or Android device, and even with your tablet. It is palm-sized, so extremely compact and easy to carry everywhere.

As you might have guessed it, the phonesuit lightplay offers you the same use as a regular projector, except that you can plug it straight to your smartphone or tablet, and project either movies, presentations (powerpoints, keynotes, PDF, photo gallery…). You can also stream any app or other media located on your device, meaning it can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

Another bright thing about this gadget, is its wireless function. Indeed, you can connect the projector with your device without wire, just by synchronising it. Also, the item features two USB ports, allowing you to connect other types of devices (flashdrive, mouse, keyboard, hard drive…).

Mobile Media Projection