Liger Sharation: Celebration of Learning Technology and Innovation

As society progresses, more and more youth are stepping up in the world of tech innovation. Certainly, they are getting more capable and advance at an earlier stage, but not everyone has the same opportunities.

Liger Charitable Foundation’s pilot program called “Trading Futures” aims to provide opportunities for these young children, and thus they have fully sponsored the needs of a residential learning center in Phnom Penh.

The Liger Learning Center’s students are aged between 8 to 10, coming from all sorts of socio-economic backgrounds. Their education from primary to high school take place in the center, and they will attend university abroad. These educational costs are entirely covered by the foundation, in order to give these children chances to change their futures.

At the center, many activities are held daily, with a special interest in technology, innovation and invention. They have various exploration sessions and projects where the children are able to exercise their creativity in tech innovation.

Sharation Hacking ExpertA young hacking expert demonstrates what he has learnt in Minecraft.

Want to see what amazing projects these young children have come up with or wish to learn more about the foundation? Development Innovations is hosting the upcoming Liger Sharation on 4 February 2015 from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. Students will be presenting on their various projects to make a change in Cambodia.

Liger Sharation ActivityA student participating in making a copter.

Expect to see “Entrepreneurship 3D Printing” who will showcase their products as well as design process. Last year, this team spent two afternoons a week with the Tran brothers learning about this technology. You may remember the Tran brothers from our interview with them here.

3D PrinterBrother Ki How at the 3D Printer during one of his teaching sessions with the children.

“Tech Support” will present on how they are helping NGOs here with technology. They will also share how they learn about technology on their own and their eagerness in sharing the knowledge. “FLL Robotics” will demonstrate their robots as well as ideas for improving education in Cambodia.

To register, visit here.