Scratch, a free, block-based coding language has has been translated into Khmer.

One of the biggest issues that Cambodians face with coding is that most coding languages are written in the Latin Alphabet. So, to learn how to code, they would first need to learn the Latin Alphabet.

But now, Khmer speakers can learn the basic foundations of coding in a language they are comfortable with.

What is Scratch?

Scratch is a block-based programming language users can create projects, such as animations, stories, games and more, using a block-like system.

Even though Scratch is an introductory language for programming, the skills learned from Scratch can still be used and applied to other programming languages like Python and Java.

Using Scratch allows people to understand and learn the logic of programming and how to be creative.

How did Scratch get translated to Khmer?

Earlier this year, Saturday Kids and Raintree collaborated to create Coding Cats, a program that offered 100 students the opportunity to participate in a free foundational coding class.

Over the course of the program, instructors noticed that students who were only comfortable in Khmer learned slower than their peers that had some proficiency in English.

Noticing this, the instructors took the liberty to self-organise and translate the program into Khmer in their own free time, making Scratch more accessible for Khmer students with limited or no knowledge of English.

For more information about Scratch and Coding Cats, check out Raintree’s website here, or their Facebook here.