Learn How To Be a Social Entrepreneur in Cambodia!

For the first time ever, Social Enterprise Cambodia will be touring around 5 different provinces in the Kingdom to further educate Cambodians with their Social Entrepreneurship Launchpad training in Khmer. These 5 cities include Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Kampot, Battambang, and the heart of Cambodia – Phnom Penh.

Many of you might have probably already heard of the term “social entrepreneurship”, but not many might understand how to fully conceptualize it into a social venture, with little awareness of the impact that these ventures can have on communities.

Thus, Social Enterprise Cambodia hopes to make a difference and kickstart the trend of social ventures amongst different communities in the Kingdom, so as to create more positive social impacts.

Participants can expect to be given an overview of social entrepreneurship through 9 engaging steps, which will educate them on how to turn an idea into a feasible business plan. They will be taught various things on how to grasp the concepts behind a social or environmental problem that influences a community, including:

-       How to create an effective solution

-       How to develop a strong value proposition and innovative business model

-       How to build a sustainable financial plan

-       How to create an inspirational vision and mission

-       How to ensure positive, scalable impact

Participants will be divided into different teams, where each team will have to come up with a social venture to pitch to a live panel of investors and entrepreneurs. Each team will be allocated a dedicated mentor to train and support them. Different Cambodian case studies will be given out with rational examples to each step. Participants can also expect to rub shoulders with experienced Khmer entrepreneurs who will talk about their current journeys in developing social ventures themselves.

As an added incentive to get participants to produce quality ideas, teams with the strongest ideas will have the opportunity to continue working with Social Enterprise Cambodia, where their plans will slated for validation and provided with seed-funding for early-stage testing.

Keep your eyes peeled to Geeks in Cambodia, as well as to the official Social Enterprise Cambodia website, to be the first to know when the SEC Launchpad officially launches in your town with all the necessary details!