Known globally as a comparison engine and a platform that provides information about 3D printers and scanners, Cambodia-based Aniwaa has announced it has ventured into virtual, augmented and mixed reality head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Pierre-Antoine Arrighi, Aniwaa’s co-founder and technical advisor, explained how the company’s expansion into Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) was motivated by similar reasons as what prompted the initial 3D printing website — a wide variety of information strewn around the internet, of mixed accuracy.

“There are many overlaps between VR/AR and 3D printing so it was a logical choice for us. New hardware is being announced almost every week now, which is great, but it’s also creating a very fragmented space. The number of headsets more than doubled since we started discussing this project at the beginning of the year and this is where we can make a difference.”

Aniwaa’s comprehensive database consists of over 100 VR and AR HMDs, with the ability to compare up to three products at once. The platform also has a ‘filter’ feature that allows users to find their desired devices, and a series of “best-of” products. All devices are accompanied with impartial in-depth reviews, which will provide appropriate information to accurately educate audiences.

Photo Credits: Aniwaa

Photo Credits: Aniwaa

Martin Lansard, Aniwaa’s CEO and co-founder applauded his team’s impressive effort in expanding into this new technological area.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved. We applied the methods and processes we developed with 3D printing to this new category of products. Emerging technologies are everywhere and we are now ready to cover even more verticals and make it easier for our users to embrace the future.”

Alongside the soft launch of Aniwaa’s new VR and AR HMDs database, the company has unveiled a major website and branding revamp. The improved interface provides users with easier access to information and the user experience has been updated.

As Aniwaa continues to improve their services and expand to other verticals, Geeks In Cambodia would like to congratulate their success and urge all VR and AR geeks to check out their new website here!