“Know & Grow” project by Care Cambodia helps students to learn technology

For the ethnic minority living in the northeast of Cambodia, access to the latest education and healthcare is not easy. CARE Cambodia is a humanitarian organisation that aims to help this situation.

Funded by the Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative, “Know & Grow” is their latest project in improving education for young children.

The objective of the project is to expose students to modern skills that allow them more life choices to become active ASEAN citizens. Information communication technology (ICT) and sexual reproductive health will be taught to children in schools.

There are also other key activities involved in this project. One of CARE’s activities is to develop a career-counseling app to assist students in learning about possible career paths. Another activity would be to set up school magazine clubs to help students improve digital literacy skills, in Khmer and local ethnic minority languages.

Students in Ratanakiri are excited to partake in this project. One of them shared how he “would like to learn ICT (as) it’s a good technology that allows you to communicate with people all around the world”. His school has currently three new computers.

The project is currently in operation and will continue until June 2020.

For more information and updates about “Know & Grow”, visit CARE Cambodia’s website.