Startup Rap: Serenading the world about Cambodia’s tech scene

Cambodia’s tech startup scene is a rapidly growing and developing hotbed of ideas and talent, and it has now announced itself to the world through the humorous Startup Rap, a social community project that invites the world to look beyond the surface and get to know Cambodia’s exciting startup community.

Made in Cambodia for the world, Startup Rap brings tech startups and entrepreneurs together to represent the Kingdom with its very own song, and with one clear message – Cambodia has startup talent.

Startup Rap wants to bring Cambodia’s startups into the limelight, highlighting the more than 100 startups that are actively run by inspiring locals and expats who believe in the potential of Cambodia’s tech scene.

“When challenges arise

Don’t give up your passion”

Startup Rap is lead by Slash, an AI and Blockchain studio based in Singapore with engineering teams around Asia-Pacific. They set up camp in Phnom Penh after working together with developers from Cambodia and it was then that CEO Andries De Vos and his team stumbled upon the tech scene in the country. They haven’t looked back since.

Startup Rap wants more to follow, and join Cambodia’s ever-growing startup ecosystem. More startups mean more support and opportunities to impart skills, tools and capital to encourage growth.

“Every dream spoken should

Reflect in action”

As described by Andries De Vos, Cambodia is full of untapped young talents who are excited to learn, one of the four reasons he identifies for why the world should invest more in the Cambodian technology scene.

Why Cambodia?

Young and Connected

Some 60% of Cambodia’s population is under 29 years old. This means many Cambodians are eager to learn while having the time and energy to do so. While many lack experience, they make up for it with their hunger for innovation and new ideas.

At the same time, Cambodians stay connected. 94% of Cambodians own a phone and an increasing number of people are using Facebook through their phones.

Where Talent “STEMs”

As Cambodia’s economy grows, its people are growing with it. More Cambodians are picking up skills related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This means many have new, fresh ideas and they’re excited about it.

Leapfrog Process

As a frontier market that is unconstrained by many legacy infrastructure, there is less friction to adopt new solutions and services.

Entrance to ASEAN

Most countries in the region is a 2 hour flight away from Cambodia, making it easier to reach and connect with others around ASEAN. Moreover, the Cambodian economy is dollarised and businesses can be fully foreign owned.

“Do what they say that cannot be done

To show out of millions

That you are THE ONE”

Cambodia’s startup scene is full of promise and Chankiriroth Sim, CEO of accounting platform startup Banh Ji, wants more people in the country and beyond to know it.

“I want to show to people outside Cambodia what is happening here, what the potential is and what the return on investment is that they can get,“ he said. Banh Ji is a local startup that provides a free accounting software aimed at SMEs and NGOs.

Cambodia has startup talent and Startup Rap is here to show it, so show your support for Cambodia’s startup scene and spread the word – Head to social media and share the video with the hashtags  #CambodiaStartupTalent and #StartupRapCambodia.

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