Grabbing the Cambodian Market– Launch of Grab Ridesharing App

As of 20 December, Grab has officially entered the shores of the Kingdom! Now, locals can enjoy the well-known ridehailing taxi mobile booking platform’s share of convenient services, such as their basic carhailing service, GrabCar, and their online payment platform, GrabPay.

Originally from Singapore, this new launch in Cambodia already marks Grab’s eight conquest in the Southeast Asian region. As part of its three long-term goals in the Kingdom, Grab aims to encourage financial inclusion in a nation where cash is king and bank accounts are seen as secondary, lessening traffic on congested roads, as well as improving safety on roads overall.

During its launch, the present representatives from Grab also signed two new memorandums of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) and the United Nations Development Programme in Cambodia. These MoUs served as outline plans to use data from Grab’s services to reduce traffic congestion and limit carbon emissions.

This is made possible through Grab’s open traffic platform, which allows them to share data on congestion, as well as when people travel and how they make their way around. At the moment, Grab currently has 500 drivers in the city signed on to carry out its services and with this, it hopes to slowly eradicate the need for personal motorbikes and cars, which also heavily contribute to congestion.

Grab’s entrance to the Cambodian market comes shortly after Uber’s recent implementation in the Kingdom. Uber, one of Grab’s American-owned rivals, launched earlier this month as well. For more information on the Uber launch, you can read more here.

Similarly, ridesharing is not an uncommon in the city with different local variations popping up here and there in the past few years– namely apps like iTsumo, PassApp Taxi and EzGo. These local platforms also provide similar ridehailing services, from metered taxis and SUVs to even tuk tuks.

For Grab, it definitely plans to continue expanding as right now, its services are only based in Phnom Penh at the moment. Being big believers of compliance with local tax laws and anti-corruption laws, Grab hopes sign on an IPO, also known as a initial public offering soon too, before their main competitor, Uber.

As more of such apps enter the Cambodian transportation ecosystem, we can only expect there to be more competition in the market; as well as more options for users looking to hitch a quick ride! For more information on Grab and their services, you can visit their website here or head down to their Facebook page here.