Get ready for this year’s Innotech Festival Cambodia!

Are you someone who is passionate and geared up for anything related to technology or innovation? Especially if it can make a difference in society? If you cannot wait to dive into all I have just mentioned, then this is an article you should definitely pay attention to!

Introducing Inno­Tech Festival 2016, the very first event to bring together innovators, makers, engineers and problem solvers. This festival is open for all and will be held over 2-days from March 18 to 19, 2016 at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. It will feature 25 exhibition booths that will showcase the current innovative solutions from both civil society and private sectors and with an expected 5,000 participants from all sectors, there will also be a unique networking initiative introduced called Connection Café. This initiative will provide a space for participants to meet other like-minded individuals across different sectors and industries especially those who share the same passion for change and innovations. You can also look forward to various open discussions and workshops touching on the innovation process management, open data, various lessons learnt and many more.

However, more than just the festival itself, one event that deserves a notable mention would be the Inno-Tech-a-thon which would be a hackathon revolving around solution building while utilizing technology and innovation. Co-organised by CoLab and Cellcard, this competition aims for young professionals, students and experts to come together to tackle important societal problems by coming up with innovative and tangible solutions and building their proposed product prototypes. Not only will the hackathon allow participants to bring solutions for the development in Cambodia, it will also provide an opportunity for those individuals to physically build and challenge their level of skills in the technology and innovation areas.

Open to all professionals and students alike, applications are now open for teams with up to 5 members where a total of 35 individuals of up to 5 teams will be selected. The different level of skills in software, hardware and subject specialties in the teams will also be taken into consideration to ensure a fair competition. The only qualities participants should have, is to be eager to want to use technology of any kind to improve other people’s lives and come up with a demonstrative prototype to solve the problem in 2 days.

For all 35 participants, there will be a half day workshop on 20th February 2016 to help think through various problems and brainstorm on different ideas. The different teams will be able to choose to work on one of the suggested problems or simply come up with their own. Mentoring and guidance will also be provided throughout and over the two days of the Festival, will also have access to the fabrication equipment, data sets and internet that they need. During those 2 days, participants will be given about 30 hours to come up with a working prototype of their proposed solution. Judging will take place on Sunday afternoon, 19th March, and winners will be awarded cash and other prizes. Some of the judging criteria will be based on originality, execution and feasibility as well as the effectiveness of the solution. Business and development community investors will also form a judging panel to critique the solutions developed and will have the option to further support the projects they are interested in.

With so much planned out, what are you waiting for? Mark down the dates for the InnoTech Festival in March now! And if the hackathon sounds like the perfect fit for you, don’t hesitate to click on this link to sign up now. You can sign up with your team of up to a total of 5 members, or simply sign up for yourself and a team will be formed for you. However, do remember that once you have signed up, that there will be a workshop on 20th February so do be prepared!

For more information on this event, do check out the Innotech festival’s Facebook page here and website here.