DevBootstrap Phnom Penh 2016

DevBootstrap is a software developer training course aimed at creating skilled software developers out of ordinary workers and students. The program runs the course of four weeks and is split into two streams, the Client Side and the Server Side.

With its next cohort of students beginning in August 2016, the DevBootstrap program gives participants the opportunity to be guided by experts with years of experience.

Depending on the stream, DevBootstrap will begin with the fundamentals of programming using languages Ruby and JavaScript before moving on to the framework of Rails or Angular JS. In addition to learning about these core technologies, students will delve into other areas such as test driven development, pair programming, software versioning using Git, and client demos.

The Server Side stream teaches students Ruby on Rails, a popular and powerful server side technology for the rapid building of prototypes and world-class production ready applications. As the first choice framework for startups and developers all around the world, Rails is rooted deeply into the “convention over configuration” ideology and model-view-controller pattern of building applications.

As for the Client Side stream, students will learn about JavaScript and Angular JS. The latter is a new framework designed to bring the power of the model-view-controller pattern to the browser using JavaScript. The framework is backed by tech giant Google and aims to develop powerful, Gmail-style, responsive applications at a breeze.

In addition to receiving HTML5 and CSS tips, participants will pick up skills on prototyping and agile development as well. Furthermore, they will be exposed to source controlling with Git, and learn how to carry out test driven developments for their software.

Students will gain hands on experience and learn how to develop real world, production ready applications with DevBootstrap. With much ground to cover throughout the whole course, the program will be filled with intensive training. However, it is ensured that students are comfortable and confident enough to build well tested, working applications.

Prices are $900 to attend a stream and $300 if a participant is employed by a Cambodian company. A scholarship is available for unemployed Cambodian citizens. For details, registration and application for the scholarship, visit DevBootstrap.