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When Valencia is not addicted to dance or fashion, social media pretty much makes up the rest of her life. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and updates, you’ll find her constantly trying to connect to the nearest wi-fi. Don’t worry though, she still is very much a people person!

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Learning how to Code on the go with your Mobile Phone

In the past month, we introduced a total of 10 different websites where you could easily learn coding from. You can check out the beginner version here and the intermediate version here. However, we have noticed an incredible number of increase in mobile users in the Kingdom, from 2.4million to 3.4million in under a year! Hence, as we all know how hard it is to set aside an hour or so to go online, open a laptop and learn how to code, we will be introducing these applications that allow you to learn how to code on the go with your mobile phone!


Intermediate Edition: Learn How to Code Online

(English) What do the Youtube, Google and Pinterest websites all have in common? If you are a geek, you would know that every one of those websites were birthed with a source code. A source code is derived by coding, which it is simply imputing computer language into a software via text to build a new website specific to the colours and measurements. Last week we did a beginner’s guide to coding, but this week however, we will be introducing another 5 websites where those of you with a little bit more experience can learn how to code.


iPhone Case of the Month: Say Hello to Your Personal Assistant

(English) With 2015 coming to a close, we have seen a year where smartphone usage has significantly increased in South East Asia. Evident in the statistics we compiled into an infographic, it is safe to say that we now demand a lot more from our smartphones than just a mere call or text. Hence this month, we will be introducing to you smart iPhone cases that can function as your personal assistant in their own unique ways.


Paving the way for SMEs: Introducing an Online Business Registry

No longer will small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have to submit various paper documents to various institutions for registration. The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) has just announced that they will be launching a new online business registration system. From 4th January 2016 onwards, this system will replace the paper registration system for all new companies.


Beginner Edition: Learn How to Code

Learning how to code has never been any easier with the help of free online coding websites. Geeks in Cambodia has specially collated (and curated) a few of these websites for the beginner who has a burning passion for learning code (as known as the geek language). So dive into the article to start coding!

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